Retreat Topic Examples

Fruit of the Spirit
Based on Eph. 5:22-23 Identifying evidence of a fruitful life, and learning how it grows.

Gifts of the Spirit 
A presentation of the gifts imparted by the Holy Spirit and how they function in the life of a believer. An option is to take a spiritual gifts test to identify your gifts.

The Bride of Christ
How to live like a bride, married or single, newlywed or old pro!

The Lord Our Shepherd
A journey through Psalm 23. My second most popular retreat. We discover how very much like sheep we are and how the Lord cares for us in every situation. This retreat contains a powerful talk about depression and the Christian. Many have said it changed their lives forever.

Spiritual Warfare
Life is a battle ground, not a play ground! How to live a victorious Christian life and defeat the plans of our enemy.

Worship in Spirit & Truth
Seeing your whole life as an offering of worship to Jesus. Experiencing Worship through music, and making worship a deeper more personal experience.

Ruth, A Transformed Life
My most popular retreat. I give the retreat in character the entire weekend. It can be themed several ways such as transformation, marriage, friendship, redemption, etc.

A Spiritual Make-over!
Everyone loves a make-over!  But is that truly what we need, or is it something deeper? 

These are examples of retreats I already have prepared, but I would be delighted to prepare a retreat that is specific to the needs of your women. 
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