“Life Changing Experience”

This is just a note to tell you about the women’s retreat Patty Bivens presented for our church recently.  We had about 25 women in attendance, but it would work very well for many more, as well.

The entire weekend was presented by “Ruth” (a.k.a. Patty), and it was truly a life-changing experience for our women.  It was so amazing to see how quickly the story of Ruth came to life as Patty skillfully told the story—based soundly on the Book of Ruth—but with her own extensive historical knowledge and very likely “personalized scenarios” woven throughout.  Patty has an amazing wisdom concerning the Bible and the culture of the Jewish people, and she is an extremely gifted storyteller as well.   From a purely dramatic perspective, she gives a commanding performance.  But, of course, it is so much more!

Mrs. Bivens remains “in character” and in costume throughout the weekend, and the attendees become quite captivated by “Ruth.”  She presents the Moabite woman in a refreshing and honest way, and God’s picture of redemption in this story is powerfully and tenderly portrayed.  It was quite beautiful to watch the women gradually shift their focus from “Ruth” to the Lord’s heart for them as the weekend progressed.  I would honestly say that each and every woman came away with a fresh view of God’s great love for them, and also an increased desire to draw even closer to Him through worship, study, and prayer.

Patty is very easy to work with, and she gladly adapted the timing of the talks, etc. to the needs of our group.  We enjoyed a lingering quiet time with the Lord Saturday morning, which was beautifully presented for us.  The worship time and communion Saturday night was especially meaningful to our women, and definitely the highlight of the retreat.

Patty was enjoyed so much by our women that we invited her back to present a retreat on The Shepherd and His Sheep. She touched on such relevant topics as depression and coping with death. Her material for our Quiet Time was particularly meaningful.

I heartily recommend Patty Bivens as a retreat speaker, no matter what the topic.  Please feel free to contact me if you have further questions.

In His Amazing Love,
Linda Biagi

The Ladies Were Excited By Patty’s Presentation”

The Ruth Retreat was a wonderful experience in seeing this Bible character who lived thousands of years ago come to life right before our eyes.  She brought scripture to life as we watched her weave the story of how she left Moab with her mother-in-law, Naomi, traveled to a far and foreign land, and then met and married Boaz.  We learned many of the customs of the day and saw God’s faithfulness to Ruth as she honored Naomi and adopted her people and her God as her very own.  One of the neat things about Ruth being at our retreat is that she walked among us in character the entire weekend.  She ate with us and conversed with us.  It was like living in the time before Christ was born.

Patty did incorporate some imagination into her role but, at the end of the weekend, she was very careful to explain that we should not accept anything as fact that is not in the Bible.  We were urged to look into scripture ourselves and separate her creative embellishments from biblical fact.

The ladies were so excited by Patty’s presentation that many of them requested we have her back as Patty Bivens, which we did.  She was as warm and personable as Ruth was and, at the end of the weekend, many requested we have her back again.

Patty offered to meet with us as Ruth prior to our retreat.  If you have any concerns about Ruth coming to your retreat, I encourage you to ask Patty to meet with your committee and share Ruth with them.  I believe you will find it an enlightening experience that you will want to share with the ladies at your church.


Jan Sieker
Chairwoman of the Ladies Retreat Core Committee

"Shares the Truth with Humor and Candor"

"Patty Bivens is a delightful speaker who has shared her speaking talents with us at several events here at Town & Country Manor.  She brings with her many years of speaking experience and shares the truth with humor and candor from her heart.  Her "Ruth" presentation takes you back to life as a woman in Bible times.  It is a captivating experience.  We keep inviting her back, as we all enjoy her beautiful spirit and joyful sharing.

Darlene Bolland
Director of Assisted Living
Town & Country Manor
The Christian & Missionary Alliance
Retirement & Healthcare Center"

From a man's point of view...

 The following letter of recommendation is from Ron Lacey of Lacey Insurance Company.  His wife has attended my study for many years and at some point he started listening to my CD's each week.  I see myself as a speaker for women, but maybe I should branch out!

 "Patty Bivens has provided our family with a weekly CD disk from her weekly life application studies wherein she teaches us how to apply Biblical lessons and principles to our daily living.

She is brilliant with her studies and communicates them so well. Patty is by far among the best speakers I have ever heard, and this is true on a continuous basis, week after week.

Her teaching combines these great lessons with a wealth of personal experiences that brings each principle down to a level we can all identify with, and yet she includes wonderful humility and huge doses of marvelous humor.

My family and a number of our friends that have heard her love Patty and the great experiences she gives us through her lessons and talks.

Do not be mislead by her diminutive stature, she, her voice and presentations make her a giant among Bible study teachers and leaders.

I recommend her to you and or your groups for simple talks or for retreat experiences. There are no words to adequately communicate how highly I recommend her to you.

Feel free to contact me if you want more information,

Ronald Lacey
President, Lacey Insurance Company"

The following are taking from written comments received after presenting a Ruth Retreat for Trinity United Presbyterian Church:

“Opened my eyes to God’s plan.”
“Insights into Jewish culture brought Ruth to life.”
“...inspired our love for our Lord and His Word.”
“Thank you for opening my eyes to God’s
amazing plan.”
“...truly blessed...”
“...full of redemptive truth and hope.”
“I learned so much.”
“Beautiful enlightenment!”
“Your portrayal of Ruth gave so much depth
to the story.”

Trinity United Presbyterian Church

This note followed a retreat based on Psalm 23

Our women loved Patty!  She is beautifully transparent - making Psalm 23 come alive..You will be blessed by her teaching.  Our church has had her twice, and no doubt will again!
Denise Bennett
Teaching Director - S.B. Mountains class
Director of Women's Ministries - Lake Gregory Com. Church

These comments were given after a 1 day Ruth Experience at Covenant Presbyterian Church
“Thanks for the wonderful presentation of Ruth. I was so blessed and amazed!" 

"Thank you for being so transparent and sharing your heart.” 

“I have new love & appreciation for Christ's sacrifice to "redeem" me.”
“Thank you so much for introducing me to Ruth. She had an incredible story, a beautiful story, a very moving story. God uses all kinds of people to carry forth His story, and he certainly used Ruth to do just that! I know there are many more stories to be told as to the impact on many of the lives of those in attendance! It was a beautiful day from start to finish. And, Summit Catering did a great job. The food was delicious, and their display was so creative!”

“Yesterday was such a treat! You and your "crew" did an outstanding job of making

all the ladies feel so welcome and loved from the moment we entered the doors.

GREAT luncheon too! LOVED their food and presentation.”

“Just a note to thank you for the blessing of The Ruth Experience. I knew it would be awesome, but you exceeded all expectations. You were totally immersed in Ruth, and the messages you incorporated into it were truly inspiring. Food was delicious and everything was planned so well. It stunned me when we opened our eyes and you had magically turned back into Patty. What a great transformation.”

"Loved the day. It was an Amazing presentation of Ruth's life and how her life has impacted so many through history.”

“Thank you so much for an amazing day and teaching on Ruth. Wow, Patty Bivens is a truly gifted Bible teacher! I also loved the worship!"

“I had a 'out of body' experience today when I was at the Ruth experience. It was simply wonderful and brought me to places in the Bible that I hadn't yet known. Thank you, thank you Ruth, and if and when you see Patty, please tell her that I would love to meet her someday soon.”

“Today was such a gift. Many hearts and lives were touched, including mine. The Lord has given you a special gift and you are using it to further His Kingdom and to give honor & glory to Him.”

“A day of reflecting on God's tRUTH in RUTH! Kudos to Patty Bivens and her gift of teaching as she lead us to deeper understanding of Ruth! A study no woman should miss!”

“Everyone was raving about the quality, taste and selection of the catered lunch!”

“I'm still full from the amazing lunch!”

“The Ruth Experience was all that I expected and then some! In a word, incredible.”

“Thank you for an amazing Ruth Retreat! The Holy Spirit has blessed us through your Ruth teaching of wisdom, grace and beauty.”

“It was a great way to spend a Saturday! So glad I came!”

“Wow! What an amazing day! Thank you so much Ruth for your wonderful story, words, and wisdom and energy you projected. You were truly spirit filled today.”

" I was crying so much of the time because it touched my heart"
(This person was back in church the next day after a long absence.)

"The afternoon was wonderful and the message was what we all needed to hear”.

"It was great and I am so happy I brought my guests"


Comments from
Calvary Chapel East Anaheim
August 2014
I am not exaggerating---I was mesmerized!  
I felt so close to the Lord and to Ruth.
I deeply enjoyed the representation and reality of the story. 
You brought the story to life and kept me
interested, engaged, and consumed.
Thank you for making Ruth’s story come alive!
I have a hard time understanding the Bible.
Patty is gifted in inspiring and creating spiritual intimacy….
I left with a renewed appreciation of who I am in Christ my Savior.
It is so wonderful to have God’s Word presented in such a personal way.
I enjoyed the Jewish history as well.
I definitely felt like Ruth was speaking to me personally. 
Patty has a way of making studying the Bible fun,
 and her applications are easy to understand and remember.
I enjoyed seeing Jesus revealed in the portrayal of one of my
favorite books in the Bible, learning of traditions
and way of life during that time…
through this portrayal Ruth came alive!
This was a beautiful presentation of the Book of Ruth. 
It was beautiful! The book and history came to life
and the message of being redeemed was ever present. 
This presentation made us feel as if we were
experiencing this book for the first time.
It is so helpful for us to get such a personal and emotional perspective
of a God fearing woman and ancestor of our Lord Jesus.
What spoke to me today is to not let your spirit break,
even when life seems tough and isn’t going your way.
God is always there and has a plan for you
and you just need to trust Him.
As you were telling the story I had a very vivid mental picture
 of what was happening.  I loved the passion and enthusiasm
that was shown throughout the story.
I especially enjoyed the connections that were made to my life today.
I learned so much from The Ruth Experience…
I felt it was real because God’s Word is so powerful
 and it comes alive as you speak the story of Ruth.
I was so blessed to see how you brought out life applications
 for us as women today for the life of Ruth. 
Loved your story telling and imagination.
Well done Patty Bivens! 
I have studied the Book of Ruth but today was different. 
It helped me more understand Ruth’s story.
The story of Ruth was rich in meaning. 
I never realized how much one can apply to a woman’s life
in all its different phases.
Today’s Ruth Experience brought tears to my heart.
 Praise the Lord for His redemption.  I am touched.