More About Retreats

     While I am delighted to come to your retreat as a speaker, I can also help you plan all of the details.  There are so many fun themes that compliment the retreats listed on my topic page.  For example, the Fruits of the Spirit can all be illustrated by a piece of fruit, such as the long-suffering banana, the strawberry covered in seeds of kindness, or the gentle pear.  The butterfly is a beautiful theme for the Ruth retreat as we see a life transformed.  I have a theme for each retreat, if you're interested.  I also have small group discussions, quiet time material,  and music to go with each retreat.  I can take care of as much or as little of the retreat as you like!  Each retreat is uniquely customized to meet the needs of your group in every way.

     The idea of a "retreat" was originally a time to tuck away with the Lord and to retreat from the world.  Somewhere along the way they've become more of a big slumber party.  While I believe all of that fun, laughter, and fellowship is an important part of every retreat, I also believe its equally  important to draw women back to time away with our Beloved.  That's why I developed Quiet Time material.  Depending on your group, anywhere from one hour to three hours is set aside for a time of silence as each person goes through the material alone with God.  Its designed to search the heart and restore the soul.  The material is themed to the topic of the retreat, but each has a section that challenges the women to take something in their life that needs to be given to the Lord and to nail it to a cross that I bring to retreat.  Later, during a special Saturday night service, those things are removed from the cross and destroyed, usually in a fireplace.  Every retreat there are women who give testimonies of deliverance from many traumas, from bitterness, or other things that have had a hold on their lives .

     Again, all of this is customized to meet the needs of your particular group.  I have samples of my material that I can show you when we meet to discuss your retreat.  I look forward to sharing my ideas with you and hearing about your vision for your women, and how together we can...

...draw your women closer to Jesus.