Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Time to Sign Up for Next Year's Bible Study!

 The righteous will flourish like a palm tree . . . Psalm 92:12

You are invited to join our Community Bible Study Orange County Women's Night Class!

Our study in 1 & 2 Corinthians will be ending soon, but we are so excited for the study of Matthew coming in September. Please come by and visit our class or fill out the registration form to secure your place in one of our groups for the coming year. The new study begins September 8th 2015.

Do you know where your heart is?  Oh I don’t mean the one inside of your chest, I mean the source of your desires.  The location of your heart can be determined by where the things you treasure are, according to the Gospel of Matthew. It was written from a Jewish point of view which gives us wonderful insights into the world Jesus lived in.  It also gives us the opportunity to study the Lord’s Prayer in detail and learn more about our own prayer life in the process. If you are a beginner in the Bible or a seasoned saint, this will be a life changing study! Join us as we pursue treasure that lasts. 

Dates are September 8th 2015 - May 10th 2016.

We meet every Tuesday night at 6:50-8:30 in the city of Orange. Feel free to come and visit and check us out.

We accept new registrants every week.  Please feel free to bring a friend.  Register at the top right-hand side of this blog page or here.

Our current registration for this year's study is over 225 women!


  1. I will be there for sure! My 25th year in CBS.

    1. Wow Debbie...that is great. Each year you are learning something fresh even if it's a study you've done before.

      Miss you and hope you and the CBS gals in Orange are doing well.

  2. My hubby Chris and I signed up for our CBS class here in Coppell, TX. Looking forward to studying Matthew in the fall.