Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A Spirit of Resistance

The chief pang of most trials is not so much the actual suffering itself as our own spirit of resistance to it. -- Jean Nicolas Grou

Thank you for your patience with me as I neglected my blog during the most trying of times.  I know the whole purpose of a blog is for a person to give a running commentary on what they're going through in life in the hope that someone else may either be entertained by it or learn from it.

I guess I just couldn't find spiritual words to say as I was holding on for dear life.  I'm sure the Lord meant for me to share so my own trial could be a benefit to others who read my thoughts, and what I was learning.  But the above quote speaks volumes---I had a spirit of resistance to my trial.  Its amazing what comes out of us when we are squeezed! I entertained thoughts of not deserving what was happening, of disappointment with what God was allowing---doubt and disbelief---UGG!  My trial isn't over, but Easter Week has brought me to an awareness that Jesus left me a perfect path to follow through times of trial:

  • Deal only in truth when someone close to you speak lies. 
  • Pray and ask for deliverance, but end with "Thy will not mine be done."  
  • Realize the enemy has no power over you other than that which is given from above. 
  • Remember there is a high purpose for what my Father is allowing me to go through. 
  • Forgive.  
  • Consider the needs of others and don't focus on your own suffering.  
  • Commit yourself into the Father's hands.

May your Holy Week end in a glorious Resurrection!