Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Looking For A Rainbow

"Instead of looking for a rainbow in your dark cloud, BE a rainbow of blessing to others in the midst of the cloud."

This is a concept the Lord has been pressing into my heart a lot lately.  I've gone through wanting the dark clouds to go away to looking for the "rainbow", the blessing, that He might have for me in the cloud.  But now it seems He's asking me to reach for more---to BE a rainbow.  This is a true challenge because it carries with it the thought that the dark cloud may stay.  It may become the new "normal". 

I don't like to think that things won't turn around for us financially.  I've been hanging on by my fingertips for the moment of deliverance!  Oh, I see the rainbow that's in the cloud.  It certainly has cured me of being a shopaholic.  I've learned to appreciate food on the table.  Dinner out used to a French restaurant.  Now its Carl's Jr. on a coupon "twofer", and I'm so excited to not have to cook!  I've been stunned by the love and generosity of friends.  One even sold some of her jewelry and gave me the money to pay bills. She insisted its what the Lord had told her to do. Talk about love...

I'm certainly more creative for birthday's.  One day the Lord impressed on my heart to give something I loved to someone I loved more.  So for the last year I've been giving special pieces of jewelry to friends on their birthdays, and I've found such joy when I see them wearing it because its a symbol of my love for them.  They've been blessed, but I've been blessed more.  Still, its all been temporary to me, just a way to get by this terrible time.  But what if it doesn't pass?  Will I let the dark cloud swallow my joy?  No, I'm determined to be a rainbow, keeping my joy, sharing my love, and thanking God that I'm rich beyond measure because I belong to Him.