Saturday, September 24, 2011

Surfing the Storm

As John Wesley was making his way to Georgia from England aboard a ship in 1735, he watched in total amazement as a community of Moravian passengers continued to worship God and sing in the midst of an Atlantic storm as if nothing were happening. Wesley marveled at this kind of faith. Then he asked God to help him develop a faith for when the big storms blow. If more people were to see that kind of faith today, there would surely be a population explosion of wave-riding believers.
Leonard Sweet in A Cup of Coffee at the SoulCafe

I'm in the midst of a storm season.  All around me the waves are crashing, the winds are howling, and my boat is getting swamped.  From finances to critically ill friends, I'm being tossed to and fro, desperately fighting to find a safe harbor.  Reading the above devotion gave me new insight into my stormy surroundings.  Instead of looking for the refuge of calm seas and safe circumstances I need to get out of my boat and onto my surfboard and ride!  Any surfer will tell you they live for the big wave because that's the one that carries you faster and higher.  Its the biggest waves in my life that will carry me faster to God and higher with God.  The thrill of victory as I stay on top of my troubles instead of buried under them is exhilarating!  He has my undivided attention as I see "the big one" approaching!  And I never have my ears tuned to His voice as well in calm times as in stormy times.  If I can touch bottom in calm seas I have no need to call on Him.  But when the tsunami heads my way I am fully focused on Him.

I'm reminded of Peter when he saw Jesus walking on the waves and wanted to run out and walk with Him.  He was doing great until he took his eyes off of Jesus and started looking at the storm.  Then he began to sink---BEGAN to sink?  You mean he didn't drop like a rock?  He sloooowly began to slip into the sea?  That's just like I am in my trials.  I don't suddenly fold up under the pressure; I BEGIN to lose heart; I BEGIN to sink.  This gives me time to do what Peter did.  He called out "Jesus!  Save me!"  And Jesus took him by the hand before he went under.  He'll do that for me too.  But what then?  Do I get back into the safety of the boat?  I think there's a better choice.  Since the Lord has pulled me to the top of the waves again, why not get on my spiritual surfboard and ride?  No weapon formed against me shall prosper!  All things work together for good to those who love God and are called according to His purpose!  Nothing can separate me from the love of God that's in Christ Jesus!  My true riches are in heaven not on earth!  And my treasured friend will be there too where we will be reunited one day.  Now I'm surfing!