Thursday, August 25, 2011

Reign In Me

"To reign in life does not mean that we must rule a country or be “the boss.” It means that we reign triumphant over sin and all unloveliness of heart and soul. We reign in righteousness, we reign in peace, we reign in joy, and we reign in love. We reign in life because the kingdom of God, and the King of the kingdom, reign in us."

"...all of the unloveliness of heart and soul"...I love that line!  How often I struggle with unlovely thoughts or attitudes.  The problem exists in the word "struggle".  I'm trying to win the battle against sin in my own strength!  Such an arrogant attitude to think I can be the boss of me!  This devotional thought was a wonderful reminder that I can only reign over sin as I allow the King of the Kingdom, Jesus, to reign over me by His Spirit.  It leads to a simple prayer when temptation comes---"Lord I can't but You can."  When I feel overwhelmed by the demands of life and feel like I can't go on---"I can't but He can".  When my feelings are hurt and I need to forgive---I can't but He can.  When life and people disappoint me and I am losing hope---I can't, but He can.

Lord Jesus, King of the Kingdom of God, please rule and reign in me today.  Have victory over the unloveliness in my heart and soul.  Help me to live in righteousness, peace, joy and love this day and every day.  I ask in the power of Your name, amen