Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Key to the Handcuffs

"Dr. Albert Bartlett, an expert on compounding, gave this scenario. Let's suppose you're sitting in a water tight baseball stadium which seats over 50,000 people, and you're handcuffed to the top bleacher. Let's say a single drop of water is placed in the center of the stadium and is allowed to double at a rate of 1 time per minute. In other words, 1 drop doubled, equals two drops added to the stadium. The next minute, two drops doubled equals four drops, next minute, four doubled equals eight, and so on. How many minutes do you suppose you'd have before you'd drown? A few months? A few days? Get this -- how about 49 minutes?! That's right; it would take only 49 minutes to drown completely! What's even more remarkable is that at 44 minutes, the amount of water in the stadium would only be at 7%! Seriously, do the math!  You see, the real action takes place only in the last five minutes. It seems like there is all the time in the world and suddenly…perhaps this is one reason the scriptures say the Lord will come as a thief in the night!  I do not want to be sitting there in the top bleacher, oblivious and helpless -- do you? Those of us who are aware of the times have a key to the handcuffs -- discernment, wisdom and faith!"
I can't wrap my mind around that illustration!  But that's the power of multiplication.  If you're a Christian and you've studied the Bible I don't need to tell you that all things are pointing to the return of Jesus to earth for the final judgment.  Every day it becomes more clear that we don't have much time left here.  My concern is that our main focus is to be ready personally by living lives that are obedient to scripture without thinking about the people all around us who aren't ready to make the journey to heaven.
Someone once said, if you passed a house and it was on fire would you just walk by or would you pound on the door shouting a warning?  Easy answer.  Well, we're surrounded by people in burning houses and we're just walking by.  I know why---fear of rejection.  Everyone hates to be rejected. But in the light of eternity, how important is that fear?  Not very.  Using the above illustration, people are handcuffed to the stadium and we have the keys of discernment, wisdom, and faith found in the Word of God.  The water is rising faster and faster.  Are we going to stand by and watch the handcuffed die or will we use the key of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to set them free?