Monday, May 2, 2011

Welcome To My Blog!

Here's a little information about my ministry expressed through comments of someone I did a church retreat for and who has attended my weekly Bible study for 20 years.  The picture was taken during a "Ruth" retreat.

"Patty Bivens is well qualified to teach your ladies group. She digs deep into God’s word and reference materials to discover the meanings of the Greek or Hebrew words, and the Jewish thought woven through the Bible, because after all, Jesus was a Jew. Many of the mysteries of the Bible can only be explained by knowing Jewish thought and traditions. Often seasoned with humor, occasionally wearing costume of the day, her messages are appropriate, penetrating, heart-targeted, and Patty is always described as authentic and transparent.
Patty has scores of topics that she can share with your women’s group. Having a passion for the word of God for over 35 years, Patty has taught Community Bible Study to over 150 women each Tuesday evening for over 19 years,
Within these pages you will soon find topics Patty has presented to numerous Southern California church groups, testimonials of her ministry, ideas, tools and tips for fellowships and events, and the key ingredient to her success in ministry, loving people, no matter what.
Have fun looking through these pages and please give Patty a call to speak at your event. You will be glad you did! For more information or to contact Patty, please email her at"