Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Unfortunate Thief

I just HAD to share what happened to me this morning.  I received a call from my Bank, which is the normal state of affairs because of the money we still owe, but this time it was the fraud department!  The woman asked me if I had made any purchases today or yesterday with my debit card.  I said I hadn't, and thought to myself, "What good would it do me when there's only $45 in the account!"  Then she said someone had been making purchase in Texas using my card! I still had my card which meant someone had gotten to my information and made a duplicate.  Of course they had no idea how much money was in my bank account so they started to make purchases testing the water.  The first one was for guess how much---$666!  Satan is never subtle!  Of course it was rejected and the next try was for $365 which was also rejected, then $270 as they tried to find an amount that would work.  I just had to laugh!  I almost felt sorry for them!  Boy did they pick the wrong account!  While we were on the phone a charge for $43 finally went through, which of course the bank will credit back to me.  I don't know if they caught the person or not, but I know they sure had a bad day!  I wonder if the Lord got a chuckle out of it too?  So I guess I have a new soul to pray for.....


  1. Haha this is great! Satan foiled again!!! I am sure the Lord got a chuckle out of that!!! Amazing!!!lol

  2. I hope they were discouraged enough to turn from their life of crime. God will surely use this.