Friday, June 24, 2011

What Shape Are You In?


"J. B. Phillips’ famous translation of Romans 12:2 is “Do not let the world squeeze you into its mold, but instead let yourself be transformed by the renewing of your mind.”

It’s easy to apply this to the big things in life: immorality, drunkenness, pornography. But Paul has in view the subtle as well as the obvious, as the next chapters prove. And perhaps the best way to expose our failings in this area is to examine the things we do without thinking. It’s those things that show us what our mind is really like…

So what of you? What of me? Has the world squeezed us into its mold? If so, then Paul’s help is clear. I need to take a view of God’s mercy, and offer my whole self to Christ." Whatever You want me to be, I will be. Wherever You want me to go, I will go. Whatever You want me to do, I will do. Here I am Lord, send me. I hold nothing back." Then, having given myself to Him, I must fill my mind with Him. 

-- Mark Barnes"

This devotional really challenged me today as I began to identify so many ways I had been "squeezed into the world's mold."   For some reason, Jello came to mind!  As long as its in the mold, it will maintain that shape.  But if removed from the mold, it softens a little.  The warmer it gets, the more it loses the shape of the mold.  I'm a lot like that Jello.  As long as I stay in the world through what I watch, read or listen to, the more I take on the shape of the world.  But if I'll remove myself and allow the warmth of Jesus and the fire of His Spirit to heat me up, I lose that worldly shape and I'm available to be molded into the image of Christ.  "I must fill my mind with Him".  Have you checked your shape lately?

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