Saturday, May 21, 2011

We're still here!

May 21, 2011 6:00 pm has come and gone, and we're still here and Jesus hasn't returned. My heart goes out to all of those poor people who love the Lord but believed a lie. If they had stayed in the WHOLE Word of God I don't think they would have been deceived. No man knows the hour of Christ's return. But we CAN know the season, and all things point to His return being near. Its just a shame that every time something like this happens, Christians and the truth of God's Word lose credibility. It does create an opportunity, however. I went to the pharmacy yesterday and the pharmacist said, "Good thing you're picking this up today because tomorrow the world's going to end!" Then she laughed. I commented that I felt bad for the poor people who had sold their homes and quit their jobs believing it was true. Then she said, "Where do they get this stuff?" Now THERE'S an invitation to talk about the return of Jesus! I kept it very simple and direct (I was so happy I had just completed teaching a 30 week study on the Book of Revelation!) but I gave her the truth. She listened to every word I said with great interest. I don't believe we would have been having that talk if it hadn't been for this crazy prediction. So I thanked God for the opportunity to share His Word on my way out of the store. Now I'm praying that the faith of those who are disappointed and embarrassed tonight will not be destroyed. Jesus didn't fail them, man did.


  1. Love the way you find the opportunity to present the truth in everyday situations! Thanks for the example, and congrats on your new blog!